A Healthy Sleeping Experience.

An organic mattress is free from any chemical treatments. Our mattresses satisfy all federal fire requirements organically instead of chemically. Organic mattresses come in all sizes (including custom sizing) and in a wide array of comfort levels. We offer latex mattresses, traditional spring mattresses and hybrid mattresses (coils and latex). We also have wool mattresses and mattresses with coir (coconut husk). Our coir mattresses offer a very firm experience.

Our manufacturing partners source the finest raw materials and offer quality finishing. If you are looking for the best, cleanest, most comfortable mattresses available then stop by the store for a hassle free tour.

For questions about pricing, materials used in our mattresses or any other inquiry email us,, call (503) 224-0551 or simply stop by.

We partner with the finest natural and organic mattress and bedding manufacturers.


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