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A recent study by a group of Finnish scientists looked at a number of metrics that can shorten life span. One of those metrics was stress.

The study showed that heavy stress take nearly 3 years off the life of the average male and just less than 2.5 years for the average female. That's not really surprising when you consider what stress does to us. 

When we feel stressed, our body reacts as if we're in danger, releasing a flood of hormones and chemicals that essentially prep our body for the primitive "flight or fight" response. This was all well and good when we were wandering around the prehistoric landscape and having to fight off the occasional sabre toothed cat. But now days when some of us live with almost constant stress, our bodies are not meant to have our defenses up for that long. 

Now no one is suggesting that you can just not stress; especially this time of year, and 2020 in particular. Stress is an inevitable part of our lives. But what we can do is improve how we deal with stress, and help ensure that it doesn't affect our lives as much.

When we lead high-stress lives, the little things that are important for our health become even more so. Eating well, exercising and, you guessed it, getting quality  sleep. While we can't help you on the first two, we can get you set up with all you need to sleep well and recover from your hectic day. Visit the store for a safe shopping experience that will help you feel better after those hard days, and perhaps live to enjoy life a little bit longer.