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About Us

In the beginning, our store was called “Eclectic Home” and it was a resource for local artists and craftspeople to share their art, hand-painted furniture, and antiques. In 2006, Dennis Rose purchased the store. With more than 20 years in the health and fitness industry, the primary goal for Plank & Coil was to combine home furnishings with health and wellness. Even though the concept of a healthy home is not new, the idea for natural furniture in Portland was born. The “Green” building industry is mainly focused on making the structural elements of a home “green” rather than the furnishings.

The terms ‘green’ and health go together. ‘Green’ building materials do not have chemical fire retardants or toxic finishes therefore there is no “off gassing” into the structure. Building and furnishing ‘green’ also has an impact on the local and global community because ‘green’ materials are from reclaimed or sustainable materials.

The development of ‘green’ furniture is still in its infancy. The Sustainable Furniture Council has been formed to establish standards and protocol for manufacturers and retailers to identify themselves as providers of ‘green’ products. It is both challenging and exciting to be exploring the frontier of ‘green’ interior design. At this time it is impossible to source all home furnishings from sustainable materials. It is very difficult to even find out how some of the products on the market are made.

Throughout our journey, we have come across incredible designs and finished products created with renewable resources while being manufactured responsibly. We bring these green creations to our customers, so you can enjoy organic mattresses and natural furniture in your home. If you are looking for home décor stores in Oregon, come stop by our NW Portland store.