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Is it unhealthy to let your dog sleep in your bed? 

This is a common question and  is a subject of much debate.  Interestingly enough, it's often people who don't have dogs that staunchly come down on the "no" side. That makes some sense; people who don't have dogs usually don't understand the dog bond.

"Because they're just so darn cute!" is one answer. But that's subjective and doesn't really delve into the science of the mater. A recent article in The Atlantic by Kelly Conaboy goes into this issue, looking at both the science and the cuteness. 

The findings

Some studies have shown that letting a dog sleep in your bed does increase the number of times you adjust your position throughout the night. While this could indicate some negative affects, a much larger study examined the sleep patterns of nearly 1000 women. It clearly showed that subjects who had a dog in the bed slept better than those with a cat or even another human. 

Essentially the studies show there are so many variables in the equation, it really does come down to your preferences. If you love having your dog in the bed, then it's most likely more beneficial than not. 

One way to ensure it's comfortable for you (and your pet) is to have a large enough bed. If you're thinking it's time to size up, we can help. After all, we want you AND your pet to sleep well.