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One of the most common disagreements between couples, outside of finances, is room temperature especially bedroom temperature. This debate generally comes to a head at bedtime when one person feels as if they are kept awake shivering, while the other partner throws off the covers as if they were made of fire itself. What's the solution?

There is actually scientific reasoning behind this age-old disagreement. Men and women's bodies have different ways of regulating temperature. The end result is that couples can't agree to a comfortable thermostat setting, and this makes getting quality sleep with your partner difficult. 

According to the National Sleep Foundation, wearing socks to bed can help keep you warmer. Conversely, warm sleepers can help their comfort by keeping their feet outside the covers. 

There's an added benefit to going to bed with socks on. Scientists have learned that warming the feet causes a process called vasodilation that can trigger the brain to start prepping for sleep. So not only could you sleep more comfortably, you might also fall asleep easier. 

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