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We carry three types of natural mattresses; tufted mattresses, hybrid mattresses, and all latex mattresses.  Tufted mattresses are filled with natural materials and then tufted, sewn together to keep materials in place.  Our tufted mattresses include Vispring and McRoskey.  Vispring mattresses have individually pocketed coils with layers of cotton, wool and in some models, horse hair.  Vispring mattresses are latex free.  McRoskey mattresses use coils, wool, cotton micro coils and in some models natural latex.  

Hybrid mattresses are composed of base coils with a comfort layers of natural latex.  We have hybrid mattresses from Naturepedic, Harvest Green, IAdjust and Ergovea.  

Natural latex mattresses are made from sap from rubber trees and manufactured into mattress cores.

All three types of natural mattresses can be made with firmnesses and into any standard size.  Some of our manufacturers can make custom size mattresses.  

When purchasing a natural mattress the most important factor to keep in mind is comfort.  All of our mattresses are designed to give customers many years of restful sleep.