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Babies spend most of their time sleeping, as they did when in the womb. When they’re not sleeping in your arms, they’re sleeping on a mattress in their crib. This may seem like the safest place for them, but depending on what their bedding is made of, it could actually be a very toxic environment. Baby bedding is made to look and feel good for babies, but knowing what the bedding is made from will give you more comfort than any cute design will.

Baby bedding can be made with toxic materials that you wouldn’t want your baby to be exposed to, which is why organic baby bedding is such a popular healthy option amongst parents. As a new parent, you want the best for your baby, which is why Portland companies like Plank and Coil sell a variety of organic baby bedding options to choose from. Organic sheets, mattresses, and pillows can contribute to a more sound sleeping experience, while also avoiding toxins that can cause health issues or irritate your baby’s skin.

Most parents want the best for their babies, and that should include finding them the best possible bedding for their fragile and growing bodies. Here are a few of the benefits that come with giving your baby organic bedding.

Less Chemical Exposure

Babies need their parents’ protection, and this is especially true when it comes to baby bedding. Standard bedding comes with much more than you bargain for upon purchase. Though it includes a comfortable crib mattress for your baby to sleep on, it may also be filled with chemicals. With so many hours of sleeping each day, your baby will have prolonged periods of being very close to a chemical-filled mattress. There, they will be breathing in and possibly ingesting materials that no parent would ever want their kids to be close to.

One of the most common kinds of chemicals that you’ll avoid with organic bedding is chemical flame retardants. They’re added to fibers to decrease their flammability, but their substances are known to off-gas into the air and accumulate in other areas of your home. These kinds of additives won’t be found in organic bedding. Yet, organic bedding is often just as flame-resistant. Fabrics such as organic wool are naturally flame retardant, while other organic fabrics can add safety-certified foam and all-natural latex to their bedding to produce a naturally flame-retardant product.

Breathable Material

When you choose organic baby bedding, know that you’re choosing some of the most breathable material that you can find. Breathable material in your baby’s bedding can create a better sleeping environment for your baby. Organic bedding is a sure way to improve your baby’s sleeping habits by using more breathable materials.

Babies are aware of their bodies, and although they can’t express it through words, an uncomfortable sleeping experience will often lead to a baby waking up and crying in the night. Organic bedding will stop moisture on their bodies from standing stagnant and will contribute to keeping your baby warm in the winter and cool in the summer, when the weather is typically harsher on a baby’s sensitive skin. A steady temperature in your baby’s crib will contribute to a restful night’s sleep by avoiding overheating and waking up unnecessarily—a positive outcome for both you and your little one.

Better Environmental Impact

When you purchase organic baby bedding in Portland, your baby won’t be the only one benefiting from it. The whole environment will. Organic baby bedding has a better environmental impact than standard bedding, simply by using more environmentally friendly materials.

Cotton that’s conventionally farmed is often filled with insecticides and pesticides. These chemicals help to produce greater yields, but they also produce a negative effect on the environment. Pesticides that are sprayed on cotton plants can eventually enter the food chain through the water supply. This unknowingly affects the wildlife in the surrounding area where the cotton is grown and can create devastating results for the land and water systems. Investing in organic baby bedding prevents you from contributing toxicity to the environment.

As well as being a better choice for the environment where it grows, organic baby bedding also creates a better working environment for the people producing it. Farmers and manufacturers who work with the organic material that organic baby bedding is made from aren’t subject to the chemicals used in standard bedding material. This helps producers and farmers to stay healthier while doing their work.

Avoid Unnecessary Skin Irritants

Babies have very sensitive skin, more sensitive than the skin of most adults. And every time a new baby is exposed to something, it’s the first time. This is why parents are so careful when introducing new foods, for instance. The same could be said for their bedding. Your baby may experience rashes that seem random, but they could be caused by their bedding. Artificial fragrances, pesticides, and allergy-triggering chemicals could all be hiding in your baby’s bedding without you knowing it, and irritating their sensitive skin.

Achieving an attractive color for baby bedding isn’t done without consequences. Toxic chemicals are often found in unnatural colorants used to achieve bright colors. With organic baby bedding, all coloring is produced using non-toxic dyes and without the treatment of toxic substances like bleach. Synthetic fragrances are another additive that can cause a reaction in your baby’s skin; organic bedding won’t have this.

As infants have direct skin contact with these fibers, chemicals, and toxic additives, it’s easy for irritants and allergens to enter their systems. The skin is the largest organ in the body, even for babies, and what their skin comes in contact with matters.

When you use organic baby bedding from Portland companies like Plank and Coil, you’ll know exactly what your baby’s bedding is made from. Organic bedding is made without using harmful ingredients that could irritate a baby’s skin, disrupt their breathing, or affect their sleep. By not adding anything extra, there’s a lesser chance of the bedding itself causing an adverse reaction or provoking an allergic reaction. Using organic baby bedding is the easiest way to know that your baby is only being exposed to natural materials made by people who have your baby’s health in mind when creating the product.