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If someone told you they could guess what you were doing eight days of the month, would you believe them? If you walked into Plank and Coil, we could tell you exactly what you do eight days of the month, and not just this month, but every month. Have you figured it out yet?

The average American sleeps 6.8 hours a night, which means that, on average, you spend over eight days sleeping during a given month. That’s a lot of time sleeping, but as we know, a good night’s sleep helps our brains function, keeps us physically healthy, contributes to the health of our hearts, and protects us from high cholesterol, kidney disease, strokes, and diabetes. Good sleep also helps protect us from crankiness or yelling at the person who cut us off on our way to work.

The list of important health benefits goes on and on. It’s important to make good sleep a priority. At Plank and Coil, we strive to provide the best and healthiest products to help contribute to a consistent good night’s sleep. Let’s take a look at what we have to help you into sweet slumber.

Organic Mattresses

Having an organic mattress means a mattress that doesn’t have any harsh chemical fumes that might impact your health. Organic mattresses contain natural materials that smolder instead of igniting if there’s a fire. Which means they don’t require non-organic flame retardants. So you know you won’t be inhaling any of the harsh chemicals that negatively impact your health. We have many different styles and firmness levels to meet your comfort needs and also offer organic mattresses for cribs to help protect your littlest loved ones.

Here are the organic mattresses you will find at Plank and Coil:

Vispring Organic Mattress

Vispring makes luxury mattresses with some of the finest natural filling, hand side-stitching, and pocketed springs. These handmade mattresses have over 100 years of combined expertise to craft the quality Vispring provides.

Naturepedic Organic Mattress

Naturepedic has been on a mission since 2003 to enhance the lives of its customers through healthier, safer sleep, all while protecting the environment. Naturepedic supports an organic lifestyle by leaving polyurethane foam, flame retardants, and other toxic materials out of their line.

Ergovea Organic Mattress

These certified organic mattresses use materials that are always certified by a third-party agency and come from renewable resources to ensure the Ergovea collection is naturally better for you and the environment.

Suite Sleep Organic Mattress

Suite Sleep sources local materials and uses local suppliers to maintain local manufacturing. They’re fully committed to a better mattress so you can rest easy knowing you’re helping to create a sustainable future.

Palmpring Organic Mattress

Palmpring offers premium-quality bedding with chemical-free materials, intelligent design, durable construction, and sustainable production. Palmpring has over 20 years of testing and research experience in producing mattresses with organic materials that have been processed and sourced using non-toxic methods.

Savvy Rest Organic Mattress

Savvy Rest creates mattresses made with soft, medium, or firm layers of natural latex foam rubber. The core components are layers of natural Talalay latex foam or Dunlop, while the casings are crafted with certified organic wool or certified organic cotton. Savvy Rest will never use chemical flame retardants, bleaches, pesticides, dyes, or other toxic finishes.

More Than Mattresses

Here are a few more of the top-quality products you’ll find at Plank and Coil:

  • Sleeping pillows. You will find the most luxurious pillows you could ask for, including body pillows and contour pillows. We have pillows made from shredded latex, wool, and comfortable and soft rubber. You can choose any style and feel that will make your neck thank you every morning.
  • Mattress toppers. Fleece, wool, latex—we have them all. We carry 1.5- to 3-inch options to make sure you find the comfort you’re looking for.
  • Bedding. Sheets, mattress protectors, pillow covers, towels, comforters, throws, blankets, and duvet covers. The quality of the bedding we carry at Plank and Coil is next to none. The designs we offer are beautiful and unique. It will be difficult to resist feeling how soft and comfortable each is, and it’s okay—you can feel them all.
  • Bedroom furniture. We offer many different styles of bed frames, children’s bunk beds and lofts, as well as nightstands and chests. We have many different styles ranging from sleek or rustic to masculine or romantic.
  • Sofas. We have many sofas, chaise lounges, loveseats, and sleeper sofas that will enhance any décor.

Responsible Wood Sourcing

We truly believe in offering the best and hold our company to a high standard. Our mission is the convergence of health and sustainability in sourcing, and we seek suppliers who have similar goals. We expect that our manufactures have chosen responsible sources of solid wood and reclaimed solid materials from trustworthy origins.

Our company has committed to not purchasing from sources that allow timber from genetically modified trees, that’s harvested or traded illegally, that’s deemed endangered or rare, or that’s harvested from areas being converted from forests to non-forest uses. We hope to do our part to protect the world’s forests as well as encourage other home furnishing retailers to protect the forests and give their customers better quality.

About Us

Plank and Coil started out as a resource for local artists and craftspeople to share their hand-painted furniture, antiques, and art. It was purchased in 2006 by Dennis Rose, who had a vision: to combine home furnishings with health and wellness.

The terms “health” and “green” go together, and green furniture is still in its infancy. So it’s exciting and a challenge to be a part of interior design as we navigate just how to establish protocol for manufacturers and retailers with green standards. We have the ability to offer incredible, comfortable designs to our customers without foregoing safety or renewable resources.

Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to get to know us better, or reach out to us with any questions. There’s a lot of information available if you’ve decided to switch to safer, more earth-friendly mattresses and bedding, and we would love to chat with you.